Alex Metcalf


Tree Listening


While listening to the headphones hanging from the branches you will hear the wonderful hidden sounds of the tree.


As water is pulled up from the roots to the leaves through the xylem tubes it mixes with air, when the air and water mix under pressure a popping sound is made. This happens as the leaves lose water through evaporation by the sun.


The ‘Tree Listening Project’ aims to provide an experience that engages the public with what happens inside a tree, and to excite and inspire a keen interest in trees.


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Bat House


There are at least six different types of bats living in London, and their home is becoming threatened as we are converting our loft spaces and taking away their homes. This project seeks to provide the bats with an ideal home in which to live, and to promote and further the cause of bat conservation through the creation of a distinctive aesthetic.


Wood, Slate




Bird Light


While not the most functional light on the market, the Bird Light tries to bring a sense of a bird’s character and present it to the living environment.







A representation of two whooping cranes.


12V Halogen bulb


Stainless Steel


Walking Bird Light



Spiky Teapot


By appearing functionless but being functional, by seeming aggressive while being delicate, the spiky teapot questions what a teapot can be.


75cm by 75cm




Tea Table


Through the use of a common material this piece has brought together the tea pot, cups, and table creating one object; a new entity 'the tea table'.

The elevated teapot brings attention to and emphasizes the importance of teapots and the delicacy of the porcelain demands a consideration of use that befits the ritual of tea drinking.


40cm by 110cm




Contour Book


The Contour Book is a 3D explanation for a site-specific area.

This learning aid is used by children from the age of 8 while they are learning about their local area and landscape.

This product has been designed specifically for use along side the National Curriculum.


Paper, Card





Hanging by a thread, the leaves of the entire canopy from a 12-foot Walnut (Juglans regia) tree.


Over the duration of the installation the leaves will change with the lack of water.


The separation of the leaves away from the branches highlights the individual beauty and fragility of the transient leaves that create such strength in a mature tree.


Walnut Tree, 600m Cotton thread, 300m fishing wire.