The Tree Listening Project has two forms; The Tree Listening Device & The Tree Listening Installation.

The project aims to provide an experience that engages and inspires a keen interest in trees.

The Tree Listening Device.

The Tree Listening Installation.

The Tree Listening Device is the microphone developed to capture the 'hidden sounds' behind the bark. It allows the listener to hear the water, mixing with air, as it travels up through the xylem tubes.

The Tree Listening Installation was developed from the invention of the Tree Listening Device in order to allow lots of people to listen to a specific tree all at the same time.


While listening to the headphones hanging from the branches you will hear the wonderful hidden sounds of the tree.

As water is pulled up from the roots to the leaves through the xylem tubes it mixes with air, when the air and water mix under pressure a popping sound is made. This happens as the leaves lose water through evaporation by the sun.

The Tree Listening Installation is a travelling, educational tool used to facilitate a deeper understanding of ‘how trees work’.



The workshops provide a stimulating environment in which to explore the ‘hidden sounds’ behind the bark. These activity-based workshops can consist of either; a short 30 minute overview or a morning/afternoon session exploring the transpiration process in greater detail.


Having the Tree Listening Installation at your location.


The Tree Listening Installation travels in three different formats:


A temporary installation, installed on a daily basis and accompanied by Alex Metcalf. …….

£250 per day plus travel & accommodation expenses.


A monthly installation, where the installation is self contained and solar powered playing a recording of the tree. £1000 per month


A permanent installation, with a live sound from the tree. approx £40,000