Alex Metcalf


Tree Listening continued...


Tree Listening is a traveling installation, and a educational tool for explaining how tree work.


The workshops are a wonderful place to learn  about happens hidden inside trees behind the bark. These activity workshops can consist of a short 30min group which can rotate around through a large group of children or it can be a morning or afternoon session expanding the activities and looking deeper into the trees.


There is a example of the activity sheet I use at the bottom of this page.


The Tree Listening installation travels the world in 3 forms:


A temporary version, where I accompany the installation on a daily basis and talk to the people listening. £250 per day plus Travel & Accommodation expenses.


A monthly version, where the installation is self contained and solar powered playing a recording of the tree. £1000 per month


A permanent version, with a live sound from the tree. approx £40,000